Reena Nerbas

The author of three National Bestselling books, Reena Nerbas currently writes regular columns for over 50 Canadian and American publications. She has become a popular radio and television guest presenter on: The Steven and Chris Show, Canada AM, Good Morning Canada and Breakfast Television.

Reena gives presentations on a variety of topics across North America, including the Power of Words, Household and Garden Hints, and Seeing Yourself How God Sees You.

Whether your goal is to clean someone's house with a hamburger or transform your outlook on life, Reena brings the fun and a message that will leave audiences motivated for a fresh start. Get in contact with Reena today if you would like her to speak at your gathering, function or tradeshow.

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Reena's Blog

Dear Reena, I always purchase 2-L pop bottles because they tend to be cheaper than buying small bottles. I only drink a little pop every few days; is there a way to keep the fizz in pop instead of pouring flat pop down the drain? Alex   Dear Alex, After opening a 2-liter pop bottle, pour most of the pop into smaller one liter bottles. Cap the bottles and the pop will stay fizzy longer. Doing thi